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From the origin of Corsica


When we created Corsica Incentive in 2008 we looked for a strong symbol of our island, something universal, human, authentic, solid, anchored in the history of Corsica and the Corsicans. An identity marker, inviting to meet the other, whose gaze is focused on the world, witness of our history and the history of the entire humanity.

Our choice was naturally towards this “stantari” of Filitosa, this statue-menhir integrated into our logo, property of the Cesari family and discovered in 1946 by Charles-Antoine Cesari, the father of Filitosa.

These representations, vestiges of the origins of the Corsican settlement, carved in granite millennium ago, remain mysterious. They come from menhirs dating back more than 4,000 years BC and have been reworked in statues-menhirs around -1200 BC.

It is with the kind permission of Charles-Antoine CESARI that we can use it. It’s in Corsica, the north of Propriano, in the municipality of Sollacaro, that we can visit the beautiful Prehistoric Site of Filitosa. A classified Historical Monument station of international significance.

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