Corse Incentive Event, Incentives, Séminaires

Is it possible to organize seminars, events, meetings, incentive more responsible?

Our team has always been very aware about the environment and the preservation of our planet, and this since the creation of the agency. In fact, our company is one of the precursors in Corsica of the integration of a sustainable dimension in the MICE sector, more generally in the consideration of the impact of a seminar, event or incentive upon the environment. Promoting eco-responsible business tourism could be difficult in 2008, this is no longer the case today.

Beyond our mission of preserving a jewel like Corsica island, and our responsibility as a tourism player, our duty is to act concretely at a local level, while being part of a global movement of awareness about our footprint on the major global environmental balances.

Yet, we still had to overpass the ‘incantational’ step for more concrete and practical solutions.  The measures had to impact both the internal organization of our agency and the seminars and events we organize in Corsica for our clients. Before proposing sustainable products and services, an agency must undertake citizen actions  itself

We gathered our teams and exchanged all together to debate and eventually make our decisions.

Hence, we share here with you our 10 commitments, adopted and immediately applicable.

1. Drastic reduction of plastic waste production

• internally: removal of coffee capsules and plastic cups

• during events and meetings organized for our customers: recyclable cups and cardboard packaging during lunches in nature, reduction of plastic bottles (see commitment n°2)

2. Free distribution of reusable bottles :

A model of customizable, reusable water bottle offered for free during a seminar or events

An event or seminar involves the consumption of an average of 4 bottles of 25cl / participant. With this measure it is on average 350 to 400 plastic bottles that we can avoid producing as waste for each event, if we have the agreement of our client.

A measure to reduce the use of plastic bottles during events: a strong commitment, at our own expenses, which can represent a significant budget when we manage events or seminars of hundreds of people, but it is a quantifiable and concrete commitment.

3. Generalization of selective sorting :

• internally: our agency sorts all its waste packaging, glasses, paper, cardboard, batteries and ink cartridges

• during events and meetings organized for our clients: organization of on-site sorting and sometimes even by our clients, thanks to dedicated bags distributed in the beginning of the day or the activity in nature.

4. Cleaning operation of remarkable sites:

A group cleaning a beach

Twice a year our team meets and gives a day of his time to clean a site (beach, rivers …). An opportunity to exchange internally and act very concretely on a local level.

5. Respect of the occupied sites:

Panneau d’information situé sur les Iles Lavezzi à l’extrême-sud de la Corse

All activities, team building, outdoor parties are organized in respect with the natural sites and environment (fauna and flora) and have a strict ‘zero impact’ goal and cleaning bonus (the site is returned cleaner than at the arrival)

6. Systematic carbon compensation option on estimates

This amount is paid to an NGO proposing a forest option (plant trees, protect existing forests, etc.). We only collaborate with certified NGO (answering the label Voluntary Gold Standard, WWF or the verified Carbon Standard).

7. We propose citizen action-oriented activities

Beach-cleaning, reforestation of area damaged by wildfire, action for the preservation of our heritage… we are regularly updating our activities in order to adopt a proactive and incentive approach.

Recently reforested area

8. Local products catering / Carbon neutral meals

Unless otherwise requested or unworkable, the goal is to work in a short circuit. We give priority to service providers sourcing from local producers.

9. Awareness for the preservation of the fauna and flora

Our Project Managers and Guides systematically integrate an educational awareness. Thus, the environmental issues and the importance of the preservation of the visited sites are approached thoroughly.

Turquoise-blue sea between Galeria and Calvi on the West coast

10. Commitment of our agency to automatically compensate the Carbone missions of our customers ‘motorized activities

Here again another strong commitment from our agency, as we do it at our own expense, but we consider that it is our responsibility.  A report will be published at the end of each year. It will summarize all the activities carried out, our CO2 impact will be calculated, and fair compensation paid to a certified NGO. It will be in any case a first step to encourage our client to compensate the rest of their event.

Une flotte de ranger traverse une piste au cœur du maquis

These commitments represent a great deal for our agency.

The companies and agencies entrusting us with the organization of their seminars, incentives, congresses or events in Corsica will have the insurance to work with a partner who act at its own scale for the environment.